Define Your Minnesota Summer

Define Your Minnesota Summer

July 15, 2018

Take control of july and august before they pass you by!

Last winter found Minnesotans longing for a major break from the relentless snow and day-dreaming about the day when summer would finally arrive. All we could think about was the holiday break June would bring. Fast forward to present day and BHAM. July is here. August is just around the corner.

“Where did my vacation go??” we all wonder.

Unfortunately, July leaves quite a few Minnesotans concerned that their precious summer months are slipping away from them. On one hand, one could despair that summer is half-way over, but on the flip side, we can celebrate that we still have the rest of the summer to enjoy! It is definitely not too late to schedule new plans that will prove to ensure that the rest of your time-off will not be wasted.

Hopefully, the following ideas will be a springboard to helping you plan out the rest of your summer.


Support Local Producers

While at first glance this may seem like an odd suggestion, taking the time to supporting our local farmers guarantees that we will make a lasting impact on others while giving ourselves a new experience in the process. While you have the time, consider heading out the following locations; Cannon Falls, Cannon Valley Trail, Cannon River Winery, Nick’s Diner, Rancho Loco, or Ferndale Market.


Head to the Lake

You cannot truly experience a Minnesota summer unless you spend the day at a Minnesota lake. Regardless of whether or not you are an avid Laker, pencil in the time to adventure at a lake near you. Needless you say, you will have several lakes to chose from due to MN’s innumerable bodies of water covering the state. Furthermore, you will not regret finding an activity to do at the lake that you haven’t tried before. This may include paddle boarding, having a cook-out, jet-skiing, or tubing. Endless options await!



Explore the Fair

2018 Summer packs in quite a selection of fairs. Before exploring any other fair in your area, seriously consider coming to the annual Minnesota State Fair: The Great Minnesota Get Together! One of the largest fairs in the United States, this fair is the perfect way the experience the whole of Minnesota. From live band concerts to food to amusement park rides, this event truly has something unique and special for everyone. Although the Minnesota State Fair is THE fair to attend, that is not to discount any county fair. Far from it! Attending a local fair gives just as much delight to the attendee as any other fair would. Although plenty have already come and gone, there are still a few fairs that have yet to take place including; Stillwater Flea & Crafter’s Market, Harvest Moon Festival, National Barrow Show, Chamber Fun Fest, Northern MN Car Show & Swap Meet, Auto Restorer’s Car Show & Swap Meet, Slice of Shoreview, Defeat of Jesse James Days, Vergas Looney Daze, River City Days, Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Show, or Highland Fest.



Find a Festival

In addition to the fairs listed above, countless other large events taking place during the rest of the summer! Do not pass up the chance to explore a new, intriguing festival that might be taking place in a city near you:


  • Minneapolis Aquatennial ~ July 19-22
  • Rock the Garden ~ July 22
  • Vans Warped Tour ~ July 23
  • Fringe Festival ~ Aug. 3-13
  • Fest Country Music Festival ~ Aug. 3-5
  • Uptown Art Fair ~ Aug. 4-6
  • Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival ~ Aug. 10-13
  • Pizza Lucé Block Party ~ Aug. 12
  • Irish Fair of Minnesota ~ Aug. 11-13
  • Twin Cities Polish Festival ~ Aug. 11-13
  • Summer Set Music & Camping Festival ~ Aug. 11-13



Go Fishing

An old pastime that truly never grows old. Fishing provides a sweet sense of satisfaction like no other. If you are looking for a relaxing, all-inclusive activity, this is for you. Take your family to a lake to create memories that live on even when the summer ends. There is no doubt that the multiple lakes scattered across MN provide an infinite number of opportunities for you to fish in a spot you haven’t before. If you are completely new to the sport, take the time to ask a pro to show you how it’s done, and if you are an old hand at fishing, take this season to refine your skills and pass along your knowledge to another.


Head to the North Shore

For those who are not booked in July and August, take advantage of your flexible schedule and plan a trip up north. Specifically, Lutsen Resort has been a prime gathering spot for families and friends. Located right off Lake Superior a few activities provided by the resort include having campfires, taking night hikes, participating in a guided sea kayak instruction. Once you reach the North Shore, outdoor opportunities are endless. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and go mountain biking, or take some time off and wander up to the many paved biking trails to viewing the scenic area.


Before you write off these ideas, remember what you wished for back in the winter. Unbelievably, this valuable summer is already half-way through! Define the rest of your summer by doing something you love as well as trying out something new. These are just a few of the countless activities out there. Make the rest of your summer moths count!