Five New Products To Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bill

Five New Products To Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bill

February 15, 2019

By: C.Esther DeWolde

There are a few perks that come with my CEO job. One is that I’m “required” to attend the International Builders’ Show (IBS – yes, the same acronym as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and yes, I find it funny too. Last year it was held in Orlando, Florida.

Some people think the perk is going to Florida. I can’t argue that one, but actually the real perk is finding out the latest and greatest products for building, designing or remodeling your home, all under one huge roof. Just ask my feet-blistered-bandage-wearing staff who worked the show with me. Pfft – newbies.

The National Association of Home Builders hosts the IBS event every year and they make it easy to find all things new through the Best of IBS Awards program. Our new 40’ wide Phantom motorized wall screen was selected as a finalist in the Best Outdoor Living Product category! Go big or go home they say!

If you are reading carefully, it would be correct to assume I used the word finalist intentionally because the truth is we didn’t win among the stiff competition. Ah well, we live to fight another year!

Anyways, back to saving money. If you like having extra cash left over every month to splurge on those new pair of shoes or save for a shiny new set of golf clubs, here’s your money-making products ideas to consider:

1. Phantom Screens for doors & windows of course! Proven to reduce or eradicate the need to use your air conditioner in warm climates when the temperatures hover on or under 80F. Put one on your front and back door or windows and you will be amazed at the natural ventilation created as a cross-draft. This refreshing breeze can cool down even the most warm-hearted and stop you from flicking on your home’s energy-sucking air conditioner.
And P.S. When your Phantom screens aren’t in use, just roll them up and continue to enjoy your view!

Phantom Motorized Screens retracting


2. AeroBarrier Best in Show Winner, this air-borne particulate barrier will seal every crack and crevice unseen to mankind in your walls, floor and ceiling of your home, stopping air leaks from draining your wallet.

Money Flying

3. Nest – joining forces with Google, this young company is taking the world by storm with its goal of helping you control the temperature in your home without even being home. As long as your smartphone is in your hand (and let’s be honest what are the chances it’s not?), you can control your thermostat from anywhere in the world.

4. AeroTHERM – for those of you blessed with the incredible opportunity of building a new home or addition, consider this new award-winning product for your home. This revolutionary thermal reflective coating is applied to the internal surface of your walls and ceilings shows impressive heating energy savings of up to 35%! Now that’s more forever savings for you and a great re-sale feature you can boast about!

5. Phantom wall screens for solar control – retractable screens aren’t just for keeping pesky bugs out and preserving the view. Even in the very hottest of hot weather, drop our sun shades down with the push of a button and reduce up to 90% of the sun’s glare and heat transfer, saving your air conditioner from over use and protecting your beautiful sofa and rugs from fading in the sun. And best yet, still be able to look through the mesh screen!

Phantom Motorized Wall Screen

I can hear those pennies clinking in your piggy bank right now.

And may I add those new shoes look terrific on you.