Why are Phantom Screens so popular?


  • The great thing about retractable screens is that they disappear from view and allow you to see outside without looking through mesh when they are not in use.


  • Retractable screens are really the only solution to screen a set of French doors. Screens are mounted on each side of the door frame and are held together with a hidden latch system in the middle. You can access one at a time which makes access in and out of the house easy.


  • By using retractable screens you can reduce air conditioning costs and lower energy bills for your home. Externally mounted retractable screens are 7x more effective at keeping your house cool than blinds or curtains.

Minnesota Screens

Established in 1999, Minnesota Screens, Inc is proud to provide and install Phantom Screens, North America’s leading brand of retractable screens. Our owner Tim Chamberlain first started as a Phantom distributor in 1995 in British Columbia. He and his wife Sharon sold that company, and in 2003 relocated to Minnesota to work with Phantom here. He was sold on the product when he first began and can proudly say the same about Phantom today!

Over the years Phantom has evolved from offering a single door product to now having a wide range of screening solutions. They have expanded from their beginnings in western Canada , to reach all of North America, the Caribbean, Australia and England. Independent studies place Phantom at a 98% customer satisfaction rating! We strive to ensure customer satisfaction through a great product and trained, professional installers.

We service all of Minnesota and select parts of bordering states. Come see us at our showroom and warehouse. We are located in Rogers, Minnesota servicing the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We want to thank our loyal customers for their support and invite you to view all of our product lines. Phantom retractable screens are truly a stylish, unobtrusive solution for all your screening needs.