Meet the Team

team_timTim Chamberlain

Hello, I’m Tim Chamberlain born and raised in Canada, eh? I first started as a Phantom distributor in 1995 in British Columbia. My wife, Sharon and I sold that company and in 2003 relocated our family of 6 to Minnesota – back to the midwest where Sharon grew up – to work with Phantom. Now 12 years later, the kids are all grown and married. We have been blessed with 9 grandchildren so far and as all grandparents know…they are the joy and spice of life.When I’m not at work…I enjoy my road bike, reading, traveling and mechanical projects. Thanks for visiting our website. Maybe we will work together on a project of yours someday.

team_sharonSharon Chamberlain

I’m Sharon Chamberlain, Tim and I have been married for 36 years…and working together in the screen business since 1995. Each day finds me in the office working alongside our great staff and speaking with customers where no 2 days are the same. Tim and I have 4 kids spread around the states from Arizona to Kentucky to Oklahoma and here in Minnesota. With 9 grandchildren I have great places and reasons to travel and visit family which is one of my favorite things to do.

Joe Pearcejoe-pearce-sales

Joe joined the team here at Phantom Screens a year ago as our Sales Manager. He spends
his days out in the field meeting with home owners and contractors, installing our product and managing Executive jobs. When not at work you are likely to find him enjoying the outdoors .


team_alyssaAlyssa Gallagher

I am Alyssa and I have been the office manager at Minnesota Screens for just over two years. You’ll often find me at my desk in our showroom or out and about working on special projects. This always changing environment where you’ll never have two of the same type of day along with the world best co-workers are some of my favorite things about working here. When I am not at work you will likely find me volunteering with the Albertville Royalty Program and enjoying time with family and friends.

team_sethSeth Parks

Hi, I’m Seth. Every day I get to install Phantom screens is just another day in paradise. I’ve been in the construction world on and off for 20 years. When I’m away from the Phantom team, I enjoy a full life with my wonderful wife and our three incredible boys.