Top 4 DIY Projects That Will Make Your Backyard Stand Out From The Rest

Top 4 DIY Projects That Will Make Your Backyard Stand Out From The Rest

June 15, 2018

Without a doubt, reading DIY posts inspire us to create. However, the sheer number of ideas and projects online can leave one overwhelmed. Where does one find the perfect DIY project that is easy and affordable? We narrowed down some of the top DIY projects out there in hopes to give you a head start on selecting the perfect DIY that fits your taste, skills, and style.




Brittany Stager demonstrates how to make this simple, elegant bench.

Most importantly, it is easy to construct and will undoubtedly add a classy flare to your outdoor space.




1001 Gardens puts a new twist on the classic ottoman by demonstrating how to create them with merely a tire and a rope. The great news about this furniture piece is that it is versatile and practical, yet it will stand out from any other furnishing.







Storing your essential outdoor equipment can be a hassle and a pain. Knowing this DIY Candy has created a simple way to store your garden he as well as displaying your beautiful flower arrangements.





Although this project may take time and effort, the results of creating your own “moss graffiti” are stunning! Thanks to Green Prophet, recreating this look is easy and effortless and will leave your guests remembering your backyard long after they leave.