Why Choose Retractable?

Why Choose Retractable?

June 1, 2018

Here are five simple reasons to consider making the switch to retractable screens.


1. Preserve Your Stylistic Integrity

When it comes to our retractable screens, the options are as varied as the unique tastes of our customers. Whether you’re aiming to cover your windows, a door, or any number of specific home features, rest assured –  you’ve got a wealth of colors & finishes at your fingertips that will blend with and accentuate your personal decor and style.

2. Won’t obstruct your view
This is a seriously great and unique feature of retractable screens; when you don’t need them, they’re gone. Unlike clunky blinds and curtains, you don’t have to worry about any extra material when you simply want an untainted view of the outdoors.
3. Keep the elements at bay

A word synonymous with Phantom Screens – durability. With proper installation, each screen  is strong enough to handle humid, hot weather…and hearty enough to protect against our famously brutal Minnesota winters.

4. Reduce Energy Bills

Phantom screens are an investment with some solid returns. Our retractable screens can be 7x more effective than blinds & shades. Maximize the daylight by using screens only when needed. Save on A/C & energy costs

 5. Interior Design Protection

Think of retractable screens as an insurance policy for your tapestries. The reduced glare from the sun will keep your drapes & curtains bright and colorful and prevent fading!

So, there’s a short list of reasons to check out Minnesota Screens – contact us to find out more about how we can help make your home exactly as you like!